How stable is raspbian jessie for the banana pi m64?

the ubuntu mate implementation is a joke, havn’t seen some thing thing this unstable from the windows vista days, how is raspbian jessie?

Ubuntu sucks and Raspbian does not have the WIFI drivers? I can not get the ethernet port to work either very frustrating,!

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Till now Raspian Jessie Lite is working fine and stable. But I use the bpi-m64 w/o X via LAN as a little home server to run owncloud 9.1.2. The linux system itself seems to be consistent, but there are several severe issues concerning the adaption of the linux images to the bpi-m64 hardware. Apparently the images are directly taken from pine64+:

Not working (as for me):

  • Internal WIFI (kernel module for Broadcom not loaded)
  • Internal EMMC flash memory (not detected at all…)
  • Gigabit-LAN stucks (100 Mbit works fine)

Is made for ARMv6 CPU while A64 is ARMv8. You loose a lot of performance with this approach. Just check the second link here:

yup i mahe that post :stuck_out_tongue: