How boot the BPI-R2?


I have some questions for the boot : I have a SDD hard drive in my BPI-R2. Can I boot only with this drive ? If there are 2 systems one in the emmc and one if a SSD card, how boot the BPI-R2 ?

Currently preloader,booloader and bootpartition (with kernelimage) have to be on sd/emmc

If your kernel hast builtin (not module) sata-support you can have your rootfs on ssd

  1. sd
  2. emmc

I can put the system in the emmc and make test whith a SD card.

  • enable boot0-partition (without debuguart you need to use mmc-utils
  • flash preloader in boot0-block
  • flash uboot
  • create at least BPI-BOOT-Partition (copy partiton table from sd-card) format with fat32 and create folder bananapi/bpi-r2/linux
  • put uEnv.txt there and your kernel
  • set kernel-var to name of your kernel-binary and root to device where your rootfs is (sata-SSD)

but debugging boot-process without debug-uart is nearly impossible…so try first normal SD-Bootup and get a usb2serial-cable (cp2102)

cp2102 is this ? And how ise it ?

In storage you have write in install OS on MCC : “5. poweroff, remove SD card and boot again” . When there is a SD-card and a OS in the EMCC, the BPI-R boot in the SD-Card ? I can try to install a OS in the EMCC and if I do some error I can use my BPI-R2 with a SD-card and repair the EMMC ?

In hw rev 1.3 the boot-switch defines which device is used if emmc and sd have a bootable system.

Module should work

Try first to get up with sd before try emmc