How activate 4K@2160p BPI-W2

Hi everybody. How to activate 4K @ 2160p in BPi-W2 ? OS : Android 6.0, 7.0 Debian -> Not work 1080p only. Thanks.


  • In the settings -> picture -> resolution, just choose -> 2160p.

4K is not supported on other OS outside Android. The driver for the MALi-T820 is recently available, diponible for OS like Ubuntu (Midgard) and can be loaded into the kernel, but SinoVOIP leaves it to the volunteers. SinoVOIP just releases some semi-functional docker giant and everything you have to fly alone. To make matters worse, the kernel paragraph so you can do nothing with it.

Until recently, I thought Sinovoip is just a spam robot, alme in the final is a group of two people including one student.

(I think it would be more beneficial if SinoVoip would prefer to provide better support for their products + docs, how to spam new products that no one wants to buy anyway because of very bad support from SinoVOIP)

Mali T-820 driver Linux :