HDMI or DP support on Linux?


Is there any timeframe for HDMI or DP support under (Ubuntu) Linux for the W2?

We are building a project, which requires the display output. The hardware of the W2 is absolutely perfect for our needs, but we also require Linux. Android is not an option.

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HDMI is being under repair in Linux kernel as I know

I understand that, but I would be glad to know if it’s to be expected somewhen soon or if this might become a never-ending story? It would be a shame for this great hardware not to get full Linux support.

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Yes. My company will soon be ordering hundreds of boards, and if there is no Linux HDMI support, we will be going with another vendor.

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I am waiting for HDMI support on Linux before I place my order.

Kodi box / NAS in single case absolutely must have working HDMI.

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HDMI works in 4.1 kernel already, it proved the hardware works, we are working with RTK to make HDMI work in 4.4 kernel now.

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Then why can’t we just use 4.1 until a newer version is properly supported? Can anybody please release it?

We are considering on it, but before releasing we must make it stable on the board.

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This still doesn’t answer my original question about (at least a rough) timeframe. We (and as seen here also some others) are planning to use the W2 in a project with hundreds of devices. Without knowing what to expect, it’s definitely out of the game!

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We will fix the issue in one to two months, and we can not give the exact time, because this is mainly dependent on RTK.

How might we impress upon RTK the urgency of this issue?

It’s been a week without updates. Anything to report?

I realize several of us are waiting for HDMI out, but is the HDMI in port supported? If not, will it be when HDMI out support is available?