Having trouble burning SD image to eMMC

Hello all. I have an 8GB SD Ubuntu Linux image that I am trying to copy over to the eMMC area and have it boot off of that.

The image works, being that if I burn the image to another 8GB SD card like this: “dd image.img.Z bs=4096 | uncompress | dd of=/dev/sde bs=4096”

It will boot from the card correctly. But if I copy it to the eMMC (using a larger SD card with the image on the card) and the command:

"dd image.img.Z bs=4096 | uncompress | dd of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=4096"

and then try to boot from the eMMC, I get this:
C3hswitch frequency to 0x000000046
frequency divider is 0x00000080
switch frequency to 0x000000046
frequency divider is 0x00000004
switch to SDR 8 bit
switch bus width to 0x00000008 bits success

…and it just sits there. does anyone know what is going on? Please help, and thank you in advance.

maybe you need to burn preloader to boot0-block like it needs to be done on r2?

I saw instructions like this for the R2: https://www.fw-web.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=en:bpi-r2:storage But there doesn’t seem to be any boot0 images for the W2… I’m not even sure that’s what I need.

I guess I don’t get why it would be different for the eMMC than it would be for the SD card with regard to booting.

There is so little information out there on this board. Has nobody really ever tried doing this on the W2?

Thank you again…

It seems to need to update spi-rom and set a switch…

Ok - no matter what I do it will not boot an ubuntu Linux partition from the eMMC. I did a kind of ‘work around’: within the boot partition of the SD card I made it switch over to the eMMC for the ROOT partition. Once it’s booted, you can take out the SD card. I’m not crazy about this solution as it’s a little kludgy (I’d rather it boot directly from the eMMC), but at least this works. :-/