Has anyone try install Proxmox to BPI R3?

I am totally new, any similar project has been done? any guide would be graceful.

Maybe you can download a proxmox aarch64 rootfs and replace the one from my image (backup kernel modules first and copy back after rootfs changed). As far as i read it is debian based so it should work…or maybe you can install proxmox in debian itself?

and then run openwrt from a vm? ohhh really… hmmm would save me from needing a sbc in the same case as my r3… but thinking this through, I dont think id want the r3 losing wifi/lan/netwrok performance with more than openwrt running… at least I dont think I wouldnt…

he asked to install proxmox…

anyway you can also install both when using 2 rootfs-partitions and then you can set the right one in uboot by setting root-var.

imho openwrt cannot use virtualisation like lxc…this would be a way to run both

I think here would be a nice place to start:

pimox/pimox7: Proxmox V7 for Raspberry Pi (github.com)

And follow the manual installation.

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They need a bullseye as base for install…so he can start with my bullseye image…good catch