H.264 hardware encoding in tvheadend

Hello, First of all I’d like to confess I am completely newbie to Banana - so far I only had fun with Raspberries… I’d like to use my newly bought Banana Pi M3 as tvheadend server (for DVB-S2 TV) and stream video via Internet. Currently I am using regular PC as server which encodes video with h.264 codec (Matroska container). Video is compressed and sent with success via Intenret - so I can watch DVB-S2 TV anywhere I am :smiley: Previously I tried to use Raspberry Pi 2 as transcoder but it is far to slow for such operations… PC works smoothly - but eats lots of electricity is loud and annoys my wife :smiley: That’s why I wanted to replace it with my new banana toy… Unfortunately results are not satisfactory so far :frowning: This is what I did:

I installed raspbian lite on banana, compiled, installed and configured tvheadend with transcoding + DVB-S2 USB tuner, launched tvheadend. On local network banana works quite smooth but without transcoding… Bananian technical specs says it supports h.264 decode/encode - question is how to use it properly? Which OS?


All these Bananas are absolutely incompatible. The only reason they are called ‘Banana Pi’ is to trick us users into believing we get something that works out of the box (true for Banana Pi M1/M1+/Pro but not for the incompatible boards that were produced later). Congrats: You bought a paperweight like all of us!

You are indeed right! :expressionless: I tried couple of images and none of them support HW acceleration for h.264 except for Android image which in my case is completely unuseful. I need real linux OS server with HW acceleration for compressed video :frowning: Is there any chance there will be such Linux OS release ?

try this release

I really appreciate your post information. I also using windows 10 operating systems but sometimes technical issues happed with our system. We know that tv is the now common device in our life. I also using digital tv and install the digital tv tuner device registration application in my system. But after the installation system was running too slow and could not any tv access work. I also could not block the device. I wasted many times and if anyone has any information about that problem solution then suggest to me.