Get SD/eMMC switch position from software

Hi, is there anywhere in /proc fs or somewhere else the possibility to get the switch position of the SD/eMMC switch ? BR Fréd

There is no known, also there is no documentation about how to read state from memory. On r2 preloader sets a string in memory when booting from emmc (indirect way to read the switch).but this preloader is closed source…

There is only a piece of code on a screenshot…it seems that not bootswitch position is read

I guess the behaviour is that sd-preloader tests sd first then emmc and emmc preloader in reversed order. Independ of bootswitch. Possible that only bootrom can access bootswitch directly.

for r64 there is no known way.

My uboot does similar,but always tries sdcard first then emmc.

What do you want to do with this information?