Gerber files for BPI-R2

Hi there creators of the BPI R2,

Is there any way to get the gerber files for the board v1.2 and schematics for the v1.2 board?

Is this something you can share here?

Thanks in advance, Ramon

V1.2 schematics:


Thanks for the schematics.

There are no board designs to help understanding the design of the board?

Thanks, Ramon

what are you want to do ???

I’m trying to understand where everything is located on the board. And might want to create my own without PCIE, IR, SATA etc. Becase those are components that I don’t need. I want to bring a battery connector, because the PIMC can do that.

Please provide?

Thanks, Ramon

if you can do this work , just follow schematics V1.2 version to do this work. layout hardware by yourself or you can ask OEM&ODM server from us .

Explain how, please?

you say that BPI is open source, really???