Garbage M2 distros

@noralee where I can find a link to this improved video decoding version of ubuntu 14.04 for BPi M2? I would like to test.

Dear Tony,

You can seek below info from forum next time.

BPI-M2 kernel 3.3 username & password: pi/bananapi , root/bananapi , bananapi/bananapi support GMAC support WIFI support xrdp support arduino IDE support scratch / S4A / S4A(motoduino) support GPU PowerVR SGX544MP2 with glmark2 gpu demo Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud:

MD5: 7aa60a1d0bae3ffa27feec21bd35e262

Banana Pi BPI-M2 A31S runs Ubuntu 14.04 xfce desktop , play video and GPU glmark2 test


Thanks, burning the image now. Later I’ll post my impressions.

This image does not boot up on my bpi-m2

Hello from Germany

I am a very unhappy M2 Owner too. I have buy a DS3231 Modul-Clock and it dont work on most M2 distros, because most found not that i2C-something.

I am a Linux Beginner and it was not fun to try and try and try and it not work. Now i know why.

I have give up and try to sell that rubish to someone. It was a very big time waste and nothing work. Too hard for linux beginner.

If this thread is still alive, and these many people are still listening, are you developers or users? As a user why would you expect linux to run on lightweight hardware? as developers, are you software developers or hardware developers? as software developers you all should be contributing. Sooo many script kitties in the linux community. Hardware developers, I guess I feel your pain but your budget should allow for a $50 dollar loss on a half ass working board.

Hi, I am unfortunately a user. The reason why I thought it could run linux is because they (noralee) said it could.

Dear Nokkies,

Can you try other linux images as below websites?