Forum with SSL-Security


I’ve found no suitable category :frowning:

the Forum currently has no secured access, any login-data/Profile-info will be transferred plain-text. when will ssl be supported here?

Regards Frank


Why are they not using the free version ? Letsencrypt?

it is some work to configure and update…

No its not alot of work anymore with certbot. I have done so many for my clients it just takes around 10-15mins only.

I know :slight_smile: i also use certbot…but it seems no one is interested by https-support here from bpi-team

Yes that I m aware of that’s why I asked them for moderator access so I can delete the advert post lol.

I see they’re very busy or maybe a very small team. I am trying to help them as much as I can.

Lets see if they’re serious about the SSL.

I think because is no ssl discourse Android app doesn’t allow this forum to be added to their app.

@sinovoip do you plan to upgrade the forum to ssl anytime soon?

Normally http and https can exist (and do if you don’t make a forced redirect) simultanously

Yes I am aware of it and I tried it both on discourse Android app but it cannot find this forum at all as discourse maybe very old version of discourse? I think ssl is the reason but I may be wrong.

it’s 2.4.0-beta2 and should be from this year:

seems like Jul 15 2019 strange that release is earlier in May

@sinovoip Years have passed and still everything plain HTTP in this forum. This is sad, as it would be easy to fix.

Apart from the risk to leak credentials or other confidential data, notifications also don’t work, many password-managers (righteously) refuse to fill passwords into fields which are submitted in plain-text, etc… In short: it’s not just unsafe, it’s also annoying.

If the full (rather complex) LetsEncrypt acme stack (certbot) is too much for you, maybe try, it’s much easier to setup and doesn’t have that many dependencies.

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wow forum finally has https…

Wed, 08 Sep 2021 12:45:28 GMT

lets see, if the update works in december :slight_smile:


I remember i reported that 2 years ago.

Finally I can connect from discourse app.

Notifications are working now. And of course passwords/session cookies are sent encrypted :slight_smile:

Before man-in-the-middle was easy

Thatsy i used a random password. :joy:

Yes. Texting from discourse Android app now.

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