First Impressions

There is an old expression that ‘you can only make one first impression’, so today I decided to meet the Banana Pi R2 for the first time. I created an SD card on another machine, and purchased a new keyboard and mouse for it, I already had an HDMI monitor.

On reading the ‘getting started’ page there is a conflict on the power supply spec: in the left column it states a 12V supply, in the body of the table a 5V. Which is correct? I first tried a 5V supply and nothing happened. Then a 12V and still nothing. Finally I connected a powered USB to the OTG port and it appeared to power up. It took a while but the OS booted up. Is there a way to bring it up without a USB connection? Seems weird to have both, and our intended application does not have another machine kicking around. It did seem to work on the 5V supply, and when the USB connection was removed it seemed to stay powered up.

The first thing I wanted to ascertain was how to drive the various Ethernet ports. I did not see any ethxx on /dev, how are they implemented? For the four port switch: is that one Ethernet presence to the processor or many? Is there some documentation on the Ethernet part anywhere?



regarding on the power-on there are many threads existing pointing to the same conclusion

you need 12V/2A Power-supply for “Main-Power” on DC-Jack

  • use 5v on otg-port as you have done
  • solder a bridge near the power-button
  • simply hold the power-button ~10 seconds

to help you further we need to know which OS you have burned to your card…and which Kernel do you use. in nearly every thread you’ll find a link to my wiki ( ) where some of your Questions will be answered. How the switch looks in OS depending on your OS/Kernel

regards Frank