Firefox and Snap Store not working on BPI-M5

After some difficulty I have managed to install and run Ubuntu Mate to the Sdcard. The software is now also updated to Ubuntu 22.

Most apps I tried appear to work properly but Firefox and Snap Store start to launch and after about 10 secs. both close down without doing anything.

What can I do?

try to reinstall the snapd and firefox, by the way, kernel 4.9 is not well compatible with ubuntu 22.04, for newer distribution, you can try armbian with mainline Bananapi M5 - Armbian

I have removed and reinstalled both firefox, snapd and snap-store several times But always with the same results.

I also noted that when I change keyboard to another version the setting is kept until reset when the keyboard reverts to the standard US keyboard. Also when I try to change the standard password for “pi” with my own using the command “sudo passwd”, the system replies that it accepted the change but in reality the old “bananapi” password prevails. This leads me to think there is an issue with permissions but what?

I have also tried Armbian. The most recent one does not work at all. Older versions do install but after a while they hang up!!!

Very disappointing. It seems I had better results overall when installing Armbian on the much cheaper s905x3 based TV Boxes.