Female of Sata Power 1 & Power 2

Hello BPI Team,

whats the manufacturer / type of the female Connector of Sata Power 1 & Power 2 ?

Thanks a lot, René

Hi, i didn’t know the manufacture, but i think, you wanto to search for a compatible cable :slight_smile:

i have that (the 2-pin-power-connector): http://www.ebay.de/itm/SATA-Cable-w-Power-Supply-Terminal-Adapter-Cord-For-Banana-Pi-Orange-Pi-Plastic/282589793517

i do not have the 4-pin-connector, maybe it can be something like that (floppy power-connector): http://www.ebay.de/itm/Delock-Kabel-SATA-7-Pin-Buchse-Floppy-4-Pin-Strom-Buchse-SATA-22-Pin-Buchse-/362065653687

HTH Frank

Thanks Frank,

but this is not my question, i found this Kabel too, but i want to know whats the female Name / Type of the SATA Power Connectors, to usw this for a self builded Kabel.


For the Battery i have found it :-), but not for SATA Power 1 & Power 2

Battery 6 pin connector appears to be a micro JST SH connector with a 1mm pin spacing. (http://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/jst-sh-6-pin-connectors-10mm-pin-spacing-w-150mm-wires)

battery is 1.25mm pin-spacing…

sure ? visit:

I’m sure…i have 1.25mm (calced from schematics) received yesterday an connected.


2.54 XH 2pin/4pin is for sata power

Battery can maybe also “JST GH 1.25 6 Pin”