Experimental debian sid image for the f3

hi *,

i have extended my little image builder framework which i use to build images for quite a few arm chromebooks, sbcs and other systems to also support the banana pi f3 now and created a first experimental image with it.

in case you want to have a look at it, it can be found here: Release 240521-01 - experimental debian sid image for the banana pi f3 riscv64 sbc · hexdump0815/imagebuilder · GitHub

it is debian sid/unstable based on the debian riscv64 port and has some small extra features i usually use in my images, but is otherwise not that fancy as it does not contain any drivers, libraries etc. for the special hardware like gpu, encoders/decoders etc. - its just a plain debian unstable. xorg is configured to use the frambuffer console - unaccelerated but working for now :slight_smile: … as it is that simple, it can be easily and normally updated to the lastest state via apt like any debian system, only the kernel is hand compiled and will not be updated that way.

some notes/features:

  • based on debian sid/unstable riscv64 port
  • the v6.1.15 kernel used is based on the bananapi f3 kernel tree plus some more drivers enabled
  • has some features typical for my images: btrfs rootfs with zstd compression, zswap with zstd compression, mgrlu enabled by default
  • the boot scripts have been simplified and cleaned up a bit - so far it only supports booting from sd card
  • ethernet works
  • username/password is as usual linux/changeme

i plan to improve it slowly over time - this is just a spare time project, so i’ll work on it whenever i have some time and feel like it - maybe it fits the use case of someone here … it is most probably not perfect, but it might be a good starting point for own experiments and moving on from there, building own kernels or software on it etc. …

my first impression of the banana pi f3 (the 4/16 model in my case) is quite positive: it feels a bit more snappy than the starfive visionfive v2 and also the 7zip score seems to be somewhere between 1.5-2x that of of the vf2 (both running my debian sid images and the f3 was manually cooled with a fan as i did not have a proper solution for that yet) - this seems to match what was just mentioned in another thread compared to a lichee pi 4a.

in case you have other riscv64 devices around as well: if you look next to that image you’ll also find a similar image for the visionfive v2 and two basic alpine images for the milk-v duo 64mb and the sipeed m1s dock (which should work on the pine64 ox64 as well if the proper entry is choosen on boot) in other releases of that repo.

best wishes and good luck - hexdump

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hope you share more about your project