Expected peformance


I’m looking for a solution that will give the following:

  1. ~1Gbps lan rate to support my 1Gbps fiber connection and between the machines on the lan.
  2. decent wireless support.
  3. decent I/O SATA performance for both NAS and backups.

can this board provides me when I need? is there any numbers I can see?



Hi Daggs

  1. The CPU on BPI-R2 have two GMAC-s, the IP forwarding benchmark based hardware NAT is closed to line rate(1Gbps)
  2. The performance of onboard WIFI module is not good, we’re developping a mPCI WIFI module which is based on MT7615, maybe it’s enough for you.
  3. Onboard SATA controller, below is the performance.

    (1) Read from disk: 230MB/s (command: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/zero bs=1M count=10240) (2) Write to disk: 192MB/s (command: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=1024 oflag=direct)

Please let me know if you have any question.

Would not be easier to fix the driver of the onboard WIFI module MT6625L? Ideally skipping wmt and other firmware. the output seem to be ion debug and so many failed.

[  727.963290] [WMT-DETECT][I]wmt_detect_open:open major 154 minor 0 (pid 1324)
[  727.970511] [WMT-DETECT][I]wmt_detect_unlocked_ioctl:cmd (-2147191037),arg(0)
[  727.978080] [WMT-DETECT][I]wmt_detect_unlocked_ioctl:cmd (1074034433),arg(30243)
[  727.985482] set current consys chipid (0x7623)
[  727.990291] [WMT-DETECT][I]wmt_detect_unlocked_ioctl:cmd (-2147191036),arg(30243)
[  727.997777] [WMT-MOD-INIT][I]do_common_drv_init:start to do common driver init, chipid:0x00007623
[  728.012736] [WMT-CONF][E]wmt_conf_parse_pair(323):unknown field 'mt6620.defAnt'.
[  728.020275] [WMT-CONF][W]wmt_conf_parse:parse fail (mt6620.defAnt, mt6620_ant_m3.cfg, -1)
[  728.028447] [WMT-CONF][E]wmt_conf_parse_pair(323):unknown field 'mt6628.defAnt'.
[  728.035824] [WMT-CONF][W]wmt_conf_parse:parse fail (mt6628.defAnt, mt6628_ant_m1.cfg, -1)
[  728.043987] [WMT-CONF][E]wmt_conf_parse_pair(323):unknown field 'mt6630.defAnt'.
[  728.051348] [WMT-CONF][W]wmt_conf_parse:parse fail (mt6630.defAnt, mt6630_ant_m1.cfg, -1)
[  728.061747] [WMT-CONSYS-HW][E]mtk_wmt_probe(122):Wmt Cannot find pinctrl default!
[  728.070326] [WMT-MOD-INIT][I]do_common_drv_init:finish common driver init
[  728.077164] [BT-MOD-INIT][I]do_bluetooth_drv_init:start to do bluetooth driver init
[  728.085137] [MTK-BT] BT_init: mtk_stp_BT_chrdev driver(major 192) installed
[  728.085312] xhci-mtk 1a1c0000.usb: fail to get vbus
[  728.085607] xhci-mtk 1a240000.usb: fail to get vbus
[  728.102550] [BT-MOD-INIT][I]do_bluetooth_drv_init:finish bluetooth driver init, i_ret:0
[  728.110637] [GPS-MOD-INIT][I]do_gps_drv_init:CONFIG_MTK_COMBO_GPS is not defined
[  728.118055] [WCN-MOD-INIT][E]do_connectivity_driver_init(62):do common driver init failed, ret:-1
[  728.118098] vcn18: mode operation not allowed
[  728.131653] [WMT-CONSYS-HW][E]mtk_wcn_consys_hw_reg_ctrl(292):Read CONSYS chipId(0xfffff093)
[  728.131654] [FM-MOD-INIT][I]do_fm_drv_init:start to do fm module init
[  728.146480] [FM-MOD-INIT][I]do_fm_drv_init:finish fm module init
[  728.152451] [WLAN-MOD-INIT][I]do_wlan_drv_init:start to do wlan module init 0x7623
[  728.160388] [MTK-WIFI] WIFI_init: mtk_wmt_WIFI_chrdev driver(major 153) installed.
[  728.168034] [WLAN-MOD-INIT][I]do_wlan_drv_init:WMT-WIFI char dev init, ret:0
[  728.175972] [WLAN-MOD-INIT][I]do_wlan_drv_init:WLAN-GEN2 driver init, ret:0
[  728.182976] [WLAN-MOD-INIT][I]do_wlan_drv_init:finish wlan module init
[  728.189757] xhci-mtk 1a1c0000.usb: fail to get vbus
[  728.193315] [WMT-DETECT][I]wmt_detect_close:close major 154 minor 0 (pid 1324)
[  728.202217] xhci-mtk 1a240000.usb: fail to get vbus
[  728.213301] [WMT-CONF][E]wmt_conf_parse_pair(323):unknown field 'mt6620.defAnt'.
[  728.220679] [WMT-CONF][W]wmt_conf_parse:parse fail (mt6620.defAnt, mt6620_ant_m3.cfg, -1)
[  728.228858] [WMT-CONF][E]wmt_conf_parse_pair(323):unknown field 'mt6628.defAnt'.
[  728.236248] [WMT-CONF][W]wmt_conf_parse:parse fail (mt6628.defAnt, mt6628_ant_m1.cfg, -1)
[  728.244408] [WMT-CONF][E]wmt_conf_parse_pair(323):unknown field 'mt6630.defAnt'.
[  728.251772] [WMT-CONF][W]wmt_conf_parse:parse fail (mt6630.defAnt, mt6630_ant_m1.cfg, -1)
[  728.260308] [WMT-CORE][E]wmt_core_stp_init(648):WMT-CORE: no hif info!
[  728.266834] drivers/misc/mediatek/connectivity/common/conn_soc/core/wmt_core.c, 649, (0)
[  728.274903] [WMT-CORE][E]opfunc_pwr_on(918):WMT-CORE: wmt_core_stp_init fail (-1)
[  728.282347] drivers/misc/mediatek/connectivity/common/conn_soc/core/wmt_core.c, 919, (0)
[  728.290413] [WMT-CORE][W]wmt_core_stp_deinit:gMtkWmtCtx.p_ic_ops is NULL
[  728.297096] [WMT-CTRL][W]wmt_ctrl_stp_conf:CTRL_STP_ENABLE but invalid Handle of WmtStp
[  728.305077] [WMT-CORE][E]wmt_core_ctrl(500):WMT-CORE: wmt_core_ctrl failed: id(5), type(1), value(0) iRet:(-1)
[  728.315041] drivers/misc/mediatek/connectivity/common/conn_soc/core/wmt_core.c, 501, (0)
[  728.323113] [WMT-CTRL][W]wmt_ctrl_stp_conf:CTRL_STP_ENABLE but invalid Handle of WmtStp
[  728.331076] [WMT-CORE][E]wmt_core_ctrl(500):WMT-CORE: wmt_core_ctrl failed: id(5), type(0), value(0) iRet:(-1)
[  728.341050] drivers/misc/mediatek/connectivity/common/conn_soc/core/wmt_core.c, 501, (0)
[  728.349123] [STP-BTIF][W]mtk_wcn_consys_stp_btif_rx_cb_register:NULL BTIF ID reference
![  728.357123] [WMT-CTRL][W]wmt_ctrl_stp_close:mtk_wcn_stp_rxcb_unregister fail(-1)
[  728.364505] [WMT-CORE][E]wmt_core_ctrl(500):WMT-CORE: wmt_core_ctrl failed: id(3), type(0), value(0) iRet:(-2)
[  728.374471] drivers/misc/mediatek/connectivity/common/conn_soc/core/wmt_core.c, 501, (0)
[  728.382519] [WMT-CORE][W]wmt_core_stp_deinit:end with fail:-4
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Greetings gary,

what do you mean by WIFI module is not good? I’m using currently an dual band N wireless (thats all I need). are you suggesting I’ll wait and buy the mPCI WIFI module?



Hi daggs,

The current WiFi module has some issues with the drivers, I’ve tried to use it as a Access point but it gets stuck sometimes and the highest troughput I got was 35 Mbps.

so bottom line, the wifi drivers aren’t stable and the vendor’s solution is to suggest buying a new module which will make use of the mPCI which I might need instead of fixing the driver, am I correct?

Yes it is my understanding as well.

no official answer for a week so I’ve decided against buying this board, thanks to anyone that invested his time to answer my questions.

Gary answered you on same day…he is from bpi-team…

Hi daggs

I think R2 is able to cover your requirements, except for WIFI, so there are workarounds:

  1. purchase a mPCIe-to-WIFI module, and install it to mPCIe slot, please note that the Intel PCIe WIFI module is not supported.
  2. purchase a USB-to-WIFI module, and install it to USB.