Ethernet Not Working

Hi everyone,

I’m using Banana-Pi Router 2, with the kernel from, branch 5.10-main.

The issue is my Ethernet doesn’t work. I can see eth0, but tcpdump cannot capture any incoming packet.

Here is my dmesg. dmesg (42.6 KB)

Here is my kernel config. .config (142.4 KB)

Does any one have any suggestions?

Thank you.

You have to configure ip settings on wan/lanX and only put eth0 up before


Do you have an bpi-r2 or r64? Settings are basicly same,but if there are further problems

Sorry, forget to mention R2.

@frank-w, what do you mean by only put eth0 up? I don’t have eth1, though I have a redundant net.eth1 service. I’m not sure if that matters. I do use ifconfig up and have other configure on it that previously worked on the official kernel.

Kernel 4.4 have no dsa user ports (wan,lanX) which representing the 5 physical ports. There you work with the cpu-ports directly (eth0=lanX,eth1=wan) which were statically connected to ports in switch.

In kernel 4.14+ this is not possible as switch driver is a dsa driver. Here you set eth0 only up (ip link set eth0 up) and configure lanX/wan

All ports are separated similar to vlan,but routed over eth0 nic

Thanks Frank. Resolved. I didn’t know about DSA.

For those of you who encounter similar issues, here’s the link that may help based on @frank-w 's help.