EmuELEC for BPI-M5

This is a porting of EmuELEC v4.5 for BPI-M5. I ported from odroid c4 official EmuELEC image. PS3 a XBOX ONE S gamepad controllers were tested and work fine.

Download Link:

Might not load the uboot as it there would be Android uboot present on eMMc. You can use CoreElec for S905X3 image or LibreElec for BPI-M5

CoreElec Link

EmuELEC is not the same thing, CoreELEC is focus for media player and EmuELEC is for retro gaming.

At last, I made the porting! Check my new update on this post!

Great work! This boots nicely from a SD card. The interface is a bit confusing with a keyboard, one should really use a gamepad if trying this out.