Emmc images vs. SD images

Hello, I‘m a really newbie on banana pi and I’m a little confused about this both images. What is the difference? can I DD a running images on SD to emmc? It’s a hard beginning :woozy_face:. Regards Byterunner

They are bit different because they need to reference the right device in uboot (where to load kernel and cmdline for linux) and linux (fstab).the rest should be same. Basicly you can flash sd image (not copy running root filesystem as it may change while writing) to emmc and change the points i’ve mentioned by hand

Thx, it works… Flash image to Emmc Mount Root Part (mmcblk1p2) and change fstab Mount Boot Part (mmcblk1p1) edit/create uEnv.txt Flash mmcbkl1boot0 Make mmcblk1 bootable with mmc

Shutdown , remove SD and restart…

Regards Byerunner