eMMC does not boot

Hello! I have a trouble trying to boot W2 from eMMC. What I do is:

  • boot Ubuntu Mate from SD card
  • bpi-copy 2018-09-16-ubuntu-18.04-mate-desktop-demo-aarch64-bpi-w2-sd-emmc.img /dev/mmcblk1
  • turn off, change SW4 to 0, remove SD and power on The system does not boot and there is no HDMI signal. What do I do wrong?

I did the same error, with the new spi u-boot you are not supposed to change SW4, just remove sd card.

That’s right. However, when reinserting the sd-card this is no longer recognized. How can you reach a hotplugin the sd-card.

In my case it does not boot from eMMC neither with SW4 set to 1 nor 0.

edit: I ‘fixed’ this by changing root to mmcblk1 on my SD boot partition. So it boots from SD and switches root to eMMC. It is a waste of SD card though :slight_smile:

My board is doing exactly what yours was. Can you explain your “fix” a little better so I can get mine running again. Thanks in advance

Nvm I figured your trick out. Thanks for the post

I used Win32DISK (flashing back with Phoenix Card-v4.1 burning software) to write the decompressed BPI W2 Android image file install.img to the 8G SD card, then plugged it into the BPI W2 SD card slot, the SW4 switch dialed to a position, plugged in the power indicator light, pressed the POWER button did not respond, and the HDMI output port did not output. (my board used the SD card to start the Ubuntu system). Who knows what the reason is?

hello can you say me whats a trick ? same problem i have … thank you