EMC problems and question about the Ethernet ports

Hi, we are using the BPI R2 in a commercial product enclosed in a metal 1U chassis and have run into a small problem with EMC compliance. I’m exposing the WAN port to the outside world. The other ports lan0-lan2 are internal only as I’m using the BPI as an internal router and application platform and lan3 is spare. I’ve failed on conducted emissions at 800MHz. The test lab says it looks like the wan port is unfiltered.

My question is does anyone know the difference between the 4 lan ports and the wan port? I can see that the wan port has the GST5009 LF 1911 magnetics chip and the 4 ports do not. Are the lan ports filtered?

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There is always magnetics on an ethernet port : they must be in the connector.

800Mhz ? Did you search with EMC probe the source ?


Nicolas F.


this was sorted in the end, nothing to do with the R2 boards at all, it was noise from the PSU, HDMI ports on the other hardware and grounding the chassis solved the problem.