Dual 4g modem, bonded connection possible?


I’m new to router builds so apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge. I’ve spotted some older threads noting issues with the one pcie slot on the r64 board. Has this been resolved?

My goal for my r64 is to use two 4g lte modems (one using on board sim tray the other using adapter) the modem I’m looking at is Quectel ec25-e using these two different modems.

I plan to use two different phone providers (so not limiting 4g frequency of each other) bond the connections together using Linux and openvpn. Connect via openvpn to a rented vps server running openvpn with super fast Internet speeds. With the aim of using the speed of both networks. “doubling the speed” I understand it won’t double especially given the phone providers where I’m from all share one 4g frequency band. However I’m looking to get greater than 150mbps. I can get 90 on one network at the moment (I live very close to Tower).

Will be r64 work with two 4g modems. I tried following the older threads but they’re above my pay grade in terms of knowledge at the moment. Ive seemingly been having difficulty finding a board with 2 minipcie slots and am hoping the r64 is the one.

Afair lte modems need usb bus in pcie. Afair only one pcie slot had usb. So i guess only 1 card will work over pcie,but it depends on your hardware

No. Modems uses different ip address to connect to different providers. Use Policy based routing (PBR) for balansing.


Frank cleared up my question. It was more hardware based. I understand it would use seperate ips. Plan is to connect to a Vpn on modem 1 connection and vpn on modem 2 connection and bond them together. Ie bonding tun0 and tun1 using openvpn.

Thanks for explaining.

you can see here , it is your need ??