Driver in mainstream kernel on LTS branch 4.9 or 4.14


Can we expect all drivers to be include in the mainstream kernel on LTS branch 4.9 or 4.14? The kernel 4.4.70 is already old as the latest on the branch is 4.4.107.

SOC - MT7623N Wifi - MT6625L Ethernet - MT7530


Except wifi mt6625l 4.14 from my githib-repo is running…

If you want to use internal wifi, you have to use 4.4.70/4.9 (lede-kernel) or help me getting the driver running. Currently ap can be started,but nothing happens on connect-attempt

Thanks so they are not include in the mainstream kernel and you must compile the kernel have full support.

i’ve done some patches to mainline (mmc is now in mainstream, but imho pcie not), also you need to swap mmc0 and mmc1 because its done also in official 4.4.70 (else you must change your root-device). So you can easy switch between 4.4.70 and 4,14

i have some precompiled Kernels on my gdrive

upgraded also my 4.4.70-fork ( to 4.4.107 :wink: precompiled kernel will be on gdrive in the next minutes