[Discuss] BPI-M5 Support CoreELEC


we want to help Banana Pi BPI-M5 to support CoreELEC.

CoreELEC is specialized for Amlogic platforms. We are providing the only fully working Kodi media center distribution (based on GNU Linux) for a very wide range of Amlogic devices.


Is there already some source available for this device? Like we would need at least a Amlogic compatible bootloader installed on the device to be able to run CoreELEC. Normally Amlogic devices are delivered with Android pre installed. I only found a empty link at the wiki: http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-M5

Thank you very much!

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we will send sample to you ,and hope we can coworker

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I would like to download the coreelec image for my new BPI-M5. Could you help me ?



i wanted to download the image from this link https://download.banana-pi.dev/lib/898779c1-94be-4627-9a56-d8cec971e877/file/Public/Images/BPI-M5/coreELEC/CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-devel-1607997111-Bananapi_M5.img.gz

but i am asked for a login/password

that link was incorrect, try this https://download.banana-pi.dev/d/3ebbfa04265d4dddb81b/files/?p=%2FImages%2FBPI-M5%2FcoreELEC%2FCoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-devel-1607997111-Bananapi_M5.img.gz

Thank you. I tried it on a SD card but unfortunatelly it reboots in loop and corrupt my emmc Android installation.

please go to the wiki and check the sd/mmc boot flow

Does anyone know the MagicWord for android boot ?

@sinovoip Please advice.

I am working on Manjaro ARM image it won’t boot automatically while I can boot it manually from android bootloader cli. Source command is not matching the magic words.

Please advice.

Our offer to officially support BPI-M5 by CoreELEC is still active but we didn’t received any sample yet to be able to perform quality tests.

We already got some user requests about your product:

Sinovoip seems to be not interested on their customers. They just sell hardware without good software support. CoreELEC team offer help and they don’t send them a sample to test. First and last time I buy Sinovoip hardware.

please give me your shipping message , we can send free sample to you .or we have send out ,but you not got it still ???

please contact [email protected] , we will send sample to you soon.

any open source team need sample , we always full support . sorry , i will check this . why not send sample to CoreELEC team.