[Discuss]Banana Pi BPI-R3 Mini Router board case design

Banana Pi BPI-R3 Mini Router board case design



anyone have good idea. free duscuss at here

BPI-R3 Mini DXF file :

Extra holes with a cap for 5G/4G modems, 2 right, 2 left it would be nice.

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i miss some ventilation holes…i guess the board get also hot in this closed case like fullsize r3

CPU On the bottom , so can use the whole shell for heat dissipation

Any chance you’d share the CAD files? Design looks good but would be great to make a version that has antennas to the side (say for a cellular modem)

Banana Pi BPI-R3 Mini Router case ,which are you like??


BPI-R3 Mini router DXF file :

I am missing the integrated switch chip and ports. Hoping for a more-than-5-port integrated switch chip.

I have a SoHo switch manufacturer making 8 x 2.5GbE with 10G SFP+, would be nice to have that integrated on the board.




BPI-R3 can support 2x2.5G + 5x1000M 。 BPI-R4 support 2x10G , R3-Mini just support 2x2.5G for size limited.

can you send me the size measures of the case? wanna know if it fits in my pocket

The size is: 69 x 69 x 34 mm

Hi, can you give me dimensions (drawings, CAD or DXF file) of bottom side case backplate for main chip + WiFi chip + LAN chips + inductors? I want make custom cooler for cooling hot components, but i have no accurate heights of the components.