Disappointed: BPI-M4

I purchased a BPI-M4 due to shortage of other more popular SBC. I wanted to use this board as a replacement for my existing Unifi controller. I simply cannot get it to work. The support is exceptionally poor and the available images all have issues. The 64bit Debian 10 image is only showing around 600MB available as memory. The file system is also set too low and the armbian-config does not offer a method to grow it. I have no use for this board as nothing can run on it. It is rather sad that the opportunity was not used to be a leading competitor to other popular SBCs

please see here : https://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-M4

That link solves nothing.

It just proves my point and gives me even more reason not to ever consider Banana Pi

check this topic about the memory problem

Here are some BPI-M4 images (Linux and Android):


Hi, @zaddt I do not understand why are you giving up on Banana Pi so soon. Just wait for a while. There are a number of professionals here who will give you a reasonable answer.


I feel your pain, no one actually comes and solves any problems on here, just links to other similar problems that don’t actually do what you need.

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It feels like producer of this SBC is completly don’t care about customers, without good operation of GPIO it is useless!!! BPI-M4 is my the first and the last banana pi SBC.

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They don’t think that there are other options! I don’t understand why their managers don’t understand this simple fact… Just build images for all your boards manufactured in the past 5 years, and have standard documentation for all the boards.

I won’t be purchasing any more products from them… The feedback on this forum is very mundane. Tech support won’t just provide an updated image for a simple request.

So far i got it working fine with 128Gb sdcard under ubuntu minimal. The WiFi card is unreliable. Sometimes between reboots the nic card is missing completely. I suspect driver issue. Also, got klipper installed fully with gpo. Still testing UART. I need more documentation of the PINs layout. I don’t find any reliable other than what is pointed to Raspberry Pi in that youtube video.