Disable boot menu


i would like to disable the uboot menu and make the R2 boot right away with no delay. To achieve this i have added


to uEnv.txt.

Unfortunately, this does not work. The boot now stops with error “*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment” and uboot asks for the name of the image to use.

i have tried to use bootmenu_delay=1, this works and reduces the delay to 1 second but i would really like to not have the menu at all or be skipped. bootmenu_delay=-1 also works, the menu then has no timout and user input is required.


The warning is normal if you have not saved any environment yet. Uboot tries to load environment from save-position (0x100000) and if crc does not match (also 0) this message appears.

I guess you are using my uboot?

In my uboot it loads uenv.txt from sdcard and displays bootmenu. Imho you need to recompile uboot and prior replace “bootmenu” in reloadmenu with “run bootx” (your bootcommand)

Thank you for your quick reply, i will try this.