Different subnets for the 4 Lan ports possible in Banana BPI-R3?

I’m interested to buy a Bana BPI R3 because of many ports and good efficent power consumption.

But are the 4 Lan ports on it switched or unswitched?

I mean, could I assign ips with different subnet on each port and route packages between them or not?

On which operating system?

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Yes, absolutely. You can use a VLAN for that. It’s fairly easy in OpenWrt. A little harder in mainline Linux distros, but still possible.

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Maybe Arch Linux or OpenWRT

I don’t use openwrt, but on linux i can say it is easy.

Since the switch uses Distributed Switch Architecture (DSA) you can use any port on the switch, as if it is a port on the soc. On hardware level the lan and wan ports are the same

In your case, just do not add the lan ports to any bridge. Then basically the lan ports (and 1 of the SFP) are the same as the wan port. Add IP to any of those ports, as you can with.the wan port

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