Difference in Ubuntu and Debian

I don’t know if you nead this… But I write it…

In /etc/network/interfaces

In ubuntu I have put wan before eth1. In debian, wan can not be activate automatically. I do “ifup wan” manually and I have wan. If I have put wan after eth1, it’s good.

Like in all my examples ethx (cpu-port have to be set to up first,then the interface of switch…

You can test it manually via

ip link set eth/lan/wan up/down

This should be same in debian

another difference : When I do rebbot in a ssh shell, in ubuntu the ssh connection is cut off, but with debian the ssh connection is not cut off. I have to do “killall ssh”.

you have to write which images you compare…my images are basic bootstrapped versions with minimal changes

I compare yours images.

  • bpi-r2_debian_stretch_4.14.13.img.gz
  • 2018-03-29-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-bpi-r2-sd-emmc.img.zip

Last image is not from me…afair i made a backup to my gdrive because some images are official uploaded only to baidu

We can find the official image only here : http://www.baidu.com/ ? Why ? And who ?

just look over the threads in this forum for official images…some of them are on baidu

here is also a list: