Did anybody know how to get footprints of mt7623 or documents listed the footprint?

Hello,I’m the student developer who wants to create something based on BPI-R2. And I have a major breakdown right now. When I ask mediatek about the footprint, they give no answare to me. When I ask componenetseearch to make some footprint, they rejected my request. When I tried to make my own, there are no footprint referance. Did anyone know the documents of mt7623 footprint? Please help.

What do you mean with footprint?

You will find some documents (mt7623 developer information [register and values for soc] and bpi-r2 shematics [electronical connections]) in my wiki https://www.fw-web.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=en:bpi-r2:start

What I meant for footprint is this. I usually make pcbs when I make my project.