Detailed powering schematic?

Is there a Hardware-Engineer at SinoVoip who can explain how the powering of the M2+ in detail works? Can we see a schematic ?

We are having problems to hold the device over a long time on its maximum capabilities.

BPI-M2+ SCH have public:

I cannot find DC-Port connection and how it delivers power to H3, can you show me ?


Thank you.

SYSTEM is where the DC-Port (5V, 2A) is connected, right?

What is the name of the Chips: U5 and U6 so I can find Data sheet?

Where is the test point to measure VDD_CPUX please?



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red LED on Power Supply 5,16 Volt (measured on the PCB, Pin39 to power-barrel) GND attached to Pin 39

as reference Pin 1 = 3,23 V Pin 2 = 5,13 V

According to the schematic it should be 1,20V but I measure 1,30V ? Can you explain, why my results do not fit with your schematics ?

here are my results in the picture: (direct link to picture)

Am also very interested in this mismatch. And there’s another problem. I’ve never seen any of you @sinovoip or Foxconn guys showing a picture of any of your boards with a heatsink on it.

Both M3 and M2+ are prone to heavy overheating. Do you really never test your boards under real world conditions? Do you care about settings like these:

@lionwang @BPI_Justin can one of you read this little thread and advise ?

it is right, it limit from 1.1V to 1.4V, we setting it to 1.3V.

If you don’t care about warranty, you can follow this article. :wink:

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