Deplorable state of BPI-W2 software

The most up-to-date kernel image is 4.9.119. Quite outdated already and most of the peripherals don’t work. HDMI Tx, HDMI Rx, secondary GMAC, PCIe 2 are not working. The support team is really slow with answer.

I am deeply disappointed with this SBC, none of the features that made me choose this board are working, and development seems to have stopped a long time ago.

Just wanted to start this thread and hopefully alert someone not to waste money on this hardware. Spend a little bit more and get a ODROID or other NAS SBC.

kernel/git/afaerber/linux-realtek.git - Realtek ARM SoC kernel tree by Andreas Faerber started some works on RTD1296. Perhaps in the future this board might have mainline support. But this is going to take a while

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