Debug UART voltage

Hi all,

My apologies if the question is stupid, but I’m kind of newbie in UART and all those hardware stuff.

Is debug UART of BPI-R2 tolerate to 5 Volt? I’d like to use my Arduino Uno as USB-to-UART connector but afraid to kill my brand new Banana with of over-voltage.

to be sure use a level-shifter or voltage divider to get 3v3 on r2’s rx-pin

Hello I bought recently an USB 2.0 to TTL UART 6PIN Module Serial Converter CP2104 STC PRGMR Than CP2102 With Free Dupont Cables

Is there documentation about how to connect the pins on this converter to the UART on the Banana PI-R2 ?

Have you seen this: ?

Thanks. It works fine following the steps outlined there in your wiki.