Debian on BPI-R3 - Speed up I2C clock


Anyone there has an idea to speed up the clock on i2c on this image. I have tried look into the config files with not really any luck…

Found this:

Do i need to add such a section for the I2C2?

I2c2 is one of the sfp i2c right? These are not hw i2c but sw i2c over gpio…see here:


It is the one on the GPIO Header - so think not?



You can look in bootlog or sysfs to get the right adress.

I2C2 in runtime does not mean that it has to be the dts node with label i2c2…the devices are numbered in the order they are probed…

The i2c on the header is suported by my kernel,but i’m not sure which i2c number it has…based on shematics there is only one hw i2c (=i2c0 in dts). So i guess the both sfp i2c are probed first (0+1 in runtime) and then the hw i2c0 is added as i2c0…so you can try modifying the dts node of i2c0…but i’m unsure if it is possible to increase the clock rate/speed.

Based on bindings there is a property clock-frequency

I don’t think clock-div should be changed this is for source clock and controller itself not the bus frequency. Try setting clock-frequency.