Creating an NDI 1080@30 media box

On this it has seemed to me a forced argument.

The Courts ruled on the disagreement in favor of Sinovoip.

Both parties I assume had opportunities to make their case and argue their points.

The ruling was made.

When the loser then attempts to retry the case in the court of public appeal and find justice in popularity and the press it is called defamation and extortion.

This is why I say I do not care about the fight between anyone else.

The ruling was final the fight should be over.

I am glad you are happy - I hope that lasts.

You didn’t understand the part with the pull-request.

And as they are/were offering armbian builds or used to do so in the past… as I said I bought mine Jan. 24 2015 - for how long do you know SinoVoip ?

This is a total digression and actually fun.

Yes that connector is way overloaded on this build.

This concept of knowing electronics so well is one that I shared when I finished BSEE in 1972. Then I started actually working I found that most of what I had learned in theory applied only in distinct bands of application.

The principal that pushed me into physics heavy was the secondary grid emission and the idea of negative resistance in a triode tube.

We take so much of knowledge for granted.

In electronics we have Conventional current flow postulated by Benjamin Franklin that causes us to still teach the water in a pipe metaphor for electrical current. And we mark energy states as + or - to indicate direction of Conventional current. We point our semiconductor schematic arrows this way. We use false statements like higher potential and lower associated with the plus and minus.

It’s wrong.

We discovered that there are electrons and nuclei in atomic theory and assumed that electrons are flowing as negative charge carriers. Bohr planetary model. But the theoretical construct of an electron is a quantum not a thing but a measurement or potential of having the measurement. If current flowed in the form of electrons moving from atom to atom the reaction force would also be at the speed of light and have infinite mass and inertia.

So the idea of electron flow is wrong.

If you look at the idea of information flow it might work but that’s a whole doctoral dissertation.

The idea that Kirchoffs laws are laws is another one that is broken. Strontium-90 batteries are an example of where.

In cavitation there are some unexplored effects

In Super Fluids there are some more

Water changes dielectric constant when in a high magnetic field but remains diamagnetic.

SO the idea that anything in knowledge is fixed and the pinnacle is a false notion.

No I actually do comprehend.

In the past a company produces a new product for a organization they own (Courts rule).

Some people are unable to use it.

The people who feel slighted complain, threaten, accuse, demand and try to force the company to do something that was not their intent or desire.

I have seen emails between Google code and someone at Sinovoip back in 2015 that show a refusal to implement or accept commits on Googles side.

I have seen accusations of plagiarism that was untrue and arguments against people at BPI mainly because of the Court case causing muddy waters for Sinovoip to navigate.

I do not blame Sinovoip for not committing resources to a community that has been turned against them.

My dealings with BPI are simple they have a development board that has a processor A83T that I can make use of.

I do not expect anything other than the boards delivered in quantity ordered as described in purchase.

Pretty simple.