Convert Odroid C4 .img for Banana Pi M5

HI, I am very strangling to have a powerfull enought and up to date working environment for this board :confused: I can’t see that much of support that the Odroid C4 get with many ATV, Lineage OS or Armbian system available.
So as the two boards are the “same” is it a way to use Odroid C4 developped environment running in Banana Pi M5 ? I writed the .img from armbian for C4 on my SD card and tried to run it on my BPI M5 without success. It’s not booting at all :confused: What am I missing ? I am really noob into boot compatibilities.

Thanks in advance for your help !

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bananpi m5 is close to odroid c4, but not the same, some io are different, the most difference is odroid c4 is ddr4, but bananapi m5 is lpddr4. I think the uboot should be replaced for lpddr4, and bootscript should modified so that can be verified by uboot and load m5 dtb.

expect those images official support bananapi m5.

That’s my understanding but how to change the unit and bootscript to be able to boot Odroid C4 img on BPI M5 ?

Would be grate if Banana Pi creators tell us how to convert those images to work with BPI M5.

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Most thirdpart images of odroidc4 is build and maintained from different version source code, not all use the odroid kernel 4.9 base, so it’s not possible to “covert” all images with only a simple method, you should read and understand each image source code and try, or may be should porting the uboot or kernel.

For the images created from odroid kernel 4.9 base source code, you can replace the uboot.bin with script u-boot-aml/sd_fuse/, copy the bootscript boot.ini and kernel dtb/dtbo from BPI-M5-bsp build to the C4 image.

Thanks @August for the explanation. What happen for me is the lake of support by banana pi’s manufacturer and that’s a shame. Ok we got an uboot for 4.9 but odroid are far from that, they even have a driver for GPU acceleration for Linux kernel 5.7. So for my tha Banana Pi M5 is a great board but useless because of no support by the manufacturer :confused: It has been out since september 2020 at list and we can’t use it properly in march 2021 !!! I was looking to replace my RPi4 with that one in my next projects … wrong idea, will stay with RPi or go with Odroid but it’s certainly the last time I buy a BP !!

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i’m agree with you, BPI team just focus on hardware and lacks of software support. Their current Android distro is very bad, I’m trying to install Gapps and it won’t work. I saw a video of Lineage OS for Odroid C4 and it’s greate. I don’t understand why they dont’ just mod that to make it work for BPI-M5. I feel that I waste my money paying for a unfinished product.

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