Connection speed to the router

I run iperf3 server on BPI-R3. Have iperf3 client on my phone (5 ghz ac). And have 100 mbit/sec max. Why?

Br-lan interface shows 100 mbit/sec speed too. Why?

I have TV connected via cable to the router and no other devices. TV has 100 mbit/sec max speed. Is that limiting speed of the whole network?

UPD Disconnected TV. Still 100 mbit/sec max on the phone with iperf3 test. Luci shows 350 mbit/sec connection speed between router and the phone. Strange … I will later test it with proper PC with gigabit network card.

Till which interface of r3 do you run iperf? You have to look for ethtool for all interfaces involved. Wifi speed is theoretical and splitted across all clients. So if you have 300mbits on wifi and 3 clients connected each will have 100 mbits.

I just run iperf3 -s command on the router and run the test on the phone.

There are only 2 connected devices during the test to the router. Phone itself and smart electrical outlet (I think, outlet doesn’t generate too much traffic and it is connected to different wi-fi 2,4 ghz network).

Ok. I will run test with notebook with gigabit network card after my worktime. Maybe the phone itself can’t reach high speed.

UPDATE It was false alarm. Even my 10-old notebook with gigabit LAN has Iperf3 results to BPI-R3 ~940-950 Mbit/sec.