Community help with Home Assistant on M5

I’m interested in trying out Home Assistant ( on a M5 rather than continue to use a RPI 4B.

Is there someone who could help me create a bootable image?

The Odroid-C4 is officially supported with this image: So hopefully it’s not that hard to create an image for M5?

Can you try C4 image with the dtb pointing to M5 and see if that works. I had helped with Homeassistant to port it to Khadas Vim1 which was similar to C2. Technically you can run C4 image on M5 if you know how to flash C4 image to sdcard and then flash M5 mainline uboot on the sdcard but there are some config that is needed by HA os to load from the mainline uboot so make sure you follow the HA config while compiling mainline uboot for M5.

I doubt that anyone will be here to help you make a ready to use image. Maybe you can ask someone from Home assistant channel.

Good Luck.

Thanks for answering.

I might have hoped that @jhortwo would give it a try since he has posted some successfully created images that can boot from a SD card.

I’m afraid I’m a bit out of my technical knowledge when it comes to “compiling mainline uboot” and most things regarding bootloaders.

I had hoped that with Home Assistant OS being released in version 8 with “generic aarch64 support” ( that it could be a simple task, but what do I know?

@spikerguy can you clarify if the M5 uses “UEFI boot flow”, and anything else you know from previous porting that one should be aware of?

By default it does not.