Cases for bpi-w2

Hi Has anyone made a 3d Printable Case for the BPI-w2 or a to scale 3d model?

The closest I got is a Autodesk Inventor project for a sheet-metal case. The catch is that it is custom made to fit my 4.3inch Touch Screen. Also; it is not built yet, so I got no proof that it will fit. You are free to use it. But if you do, I make no warranties except; you get to keep the pieces if anything breaks.

I have bought this case:

2x 2.5inch HDD + cabling + lots of space for ventilation. Screws are not aligned so I needed to use glue gun to fix bpi to the case (used standard PC mounting screws that are glued to base of the case). The only thing left to print is backplate. Metal mask for back panel is sold with motherboard to match socket placements - this case have almost no back - just sth to fix plate from motherboard’s box into. I do not have project for that back panel anymore but it would be easy to draw having bpi-w2 top dxf file as base to align holes.