Can't plug 2 HDD


I want to use my BPI w2 as RAID 1 NAS. I bought two 3.5" 2TB HDD and a powerful 12V 4A PSU. When I plug one disk it’s working. But when I plug 2 of them, they make a strange noise and none of them is shown on fdisk.

Do you have any idea about how to solve my problem ?

Thank you

if single drive in sataa wortks and single drive in satab works I would blame power anyway. i have 2x 2,5 inch 1TB HDDs and 12V 3A(if not mistaken - not at home now) PSU and this setup is fine.

If possible try plugging usb-c spartphone charger in addition soon after you plug power barrel (this helped me determine it is actually power issue - old PSU was 12V 2A or sth and it was not enough, worked when attached PSU + USB-C power)

Unless it is some sort of overcurrent protection on the board and it would simply not power 2x 3,5 inch drives no matter what PSU you will plug there, you should be fine by just providing more juice

Thank you for your reply. Actually, each disk is recognized as sataa when puggled alone.

I will try with a secondary USB C psu