Can we use DSL adapter on BPI-R2 WAN port?


Can we use DSL mobile cable adapter for internet in BPI-R2 board using OpenWRT software?

Please help us on this.

Thanks, Thanaraj.

I think you can use any DSL modem in bridge mode. And all services set up on a banana BPI-R2.

I don’t know a “DSL mobile cable adapter” but i use a adsl2+ modem on wan and run a pppoe/ppp-connection over it using debian.

Can you tell/help me to reproduce the same result? Many thanks in advance!

it depends on the modem itself and your ISP…so to help you i need to know it’s settings…r2 ist only a network-device and wan only a port :wink:

i’m now on a local FTTH-ISP, where i have the ONT connected to WAN, create there 2 VLAN (voip+internet) and over both a pppoe-connection.

At the moment, as you can see, I already use a non-proprietary modem, so I already have the necessary network parameters to connect to the ISP.

The Fritz Box has an rj45 connector on the WAN port, so I can conveniently put it in the banana pi R2’s WAN port.

I would be curious to know the operating system used, so I would be grateful if you give me the link. And any management software for the bananapi, such as GUI via web, where I can configure the parameters necessary to connect to the ISP. At the moment I am equipped with an ADSL2 +.

Thank you!


i use my debian (still stretch as i had not enough time to configure buster) and pppoeconf for configuring the pppoe…from cli, i don’t know any web-GUI for it

i see you use your fritzbox also as adsl-modem, imho this cannot be done from r2…you need your fritz as adsl modem in Passthrough-mode to configure the internet-connection on r2…but you need both devices running…the adsl-mode terminates line and “decodes” VPI/VCI to a ethernet-connection, over this you run a pppoe-connection

I understand, thanks a lot!