Can not get output from uart on BPI-R3?

Hello everyone, I purchased this kit from Amazon. OpenWRT is already installed and functional.

I can not get any output. I read that I may need to enable uart from within the OpenWRT first.

If so, how do I enable UART? The documentation from the wiki is a little lacking.

Interacting with uart is new to me so any advice is appreciated. I have access to the terminal console in OpenWRT.

I used sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115280 to read off the usb connection after using modprobe to set it up.

Have you connected rx to tx and tx to rx of the 3pin connector?

I have not. I will try that. Thank you frank-w. Remember reading about that.

@frank-w thank you for pointing that out.

The issue seemed to be I used a longer 3rd party one that reported garbled output.

I used the included one and it work perfectly. I was able to flash the eMMC from the sd card.