Building custom openWRT image

Hi all, I am a new bee to use BPI-W2, i am able to use stock openWRT to image on BPI-W2. But i want to build openWRT with my requirements. Can any one tell me were can i get the openWRT version which suits to BPI-W2 and also to boot openWRT from SSD/SATA

Did you ever figure this out? I’d be very interested. Although, I still am having trouble with actually installing OpenWRT. The instructions seem quite confusing. It would be so much nicer if there was a simple image file to DD in linux. I keep getting stuck after flashing with the Kylin program. After that, I cannot figure out what to do.

maybe you can post your steps and the error message; then someone expertee on this forum can help you . (unfortunately, not me :Q )