BPI zigbee module development board


onboard zigbee module:

1.Parameter Description •Chip: TI CC2530 •Excellent performance and low power 8051 microcontroller core with code prefetch feature •256K system programmable flash memory •8KB RAM, with a power supply in a variety of data retention •Hardware debugging support •The powerful 5-channel DMA •Integrated high-performance operational amplifiers and ultra low-power comparator•IEEE 802.15.4 MAC timer, general-purpose timers (one 16 bit, two 8 bit) •IR generating circuit •32-kHz sleep timer capture •CSMA / CA hardware support •Accurate digital RSSI / LQI support •6 channels can be configured 12-bit ADC resolution •AES security coprocessor •2 Powerful USART interface to support multiple serial protocol •1 common SPI interface •8 general purpose I / O pins (6×4 mA, 2×20 mA) •Watchdog Timer

•Wireless Performance Adapt 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4 RF transceiver High receiver sensitivity and robustness Programmable output power up to 4.5dBm

•Low power consumption Active mode RX (CPU idle): 29mA TX Active mode in 1dBm (CPU idle): 29mA Power mode 1 (4us wake): 0.2mA Power Mode 2 (Sleep timer runs): 0.2mA Power Mode 3 (external interrupts): 0.4uA Wide supply voltage range (2V-3.6V) Wide range of operating temperature:-40℃to70℃

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