BPI-WIFIPro HTML5 IoT module

#Brief Introduction of BPI-WiFiPro-C5110 IoT module

Technical features:

1.51 single chip machine module with WIFI (WIFI+51 MCU,integration), compatible to DIP40 foot 5V C51 MCU, replaced by DIP40 foot MCU, the original development board and products can quickly be upgraded to products equipped with WIFI internet communication.

2.Built-in double serial port MCU STC12C5A60S2, STC12C5A60S2 should be referred to in all the instructions of SCM.

3.WiFiPro has implanted HTML5 Web server, and can recognize Socket (TCP/IP、UDP、HTTP Protocol)automatically, adapts well to Flash-Socket and Web-Socket, whether VB、VC++、C#、JAVA, or Adobe Flash(AIR)、HTML5(JS+CSS3)are used in develosetg language tools in the upper monitor, and has outstanding develosetg and control capacity in Adobe Flash 、HTML5 Web cross platforms, fully compatible with Windows、Android and IOS.

4.WiFiPro has packaged all the network details of WIFI and TCP/IP, all the parameters are set through the Web page, SCM needs no complicated WiFi and network operation, the data needs only to be sent to the serial port and all transportations are completed with WiFiPro, the data received through the web enter the SCM through serial port and the secondary development is rather simple.

Function of Sets in Modules:

Type : WiFiPro-C5110 Built-in MCU:STC12C5A60S2(LQFP44) Frun Brand: Frun

Technical Parameters:

Dimension of module sealing(Unit:mm):

WiFiPro internal structure drawing

In the module, WIFI chip ESP8266 and STC12C (double serial port UART0/UART1) are independent chips, the serial port of ESP8266 is linked with that of UART1 in the 51 SCM, and extracted to the 3rd and 4th set of the module (P1.2, P1.3), therefore this set should not be used as IO serial port in programming of SCM, they can only be used as serial port in the communication with WiFi chips. (Note: while upgrading fixings of ESP8266, WiFi serial port shouldn’t be operated in SCM programs, fixings should be upgraded after clearing the programs of SCM).

Schematic Diagram of Basic circuit in Minimum system

Document download link:*

1,BPI_WiFiPro IoT module Datasheet

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