BPI-Wifi6 setup question

Hi, does the BPI-Wifi6 require WAN in order to proceed with setup? I’ve plugged it into my computer with the network cable but it isn’t connecting. I’m running Pop_OS, and it just says “connecting” but doesn’t establish connection. The LED for the LAN port is periodically lighting up but quickly goes off.

Trying to get the router set up before I install a new modem to go with it, so I can do them both in one go and minimize downtime on my network.

Anybody?? Trying to make sure the device is actually working before I upend my network. I’d expect it to be capable of providing wired LAN without having WAN.

BR-LAN has the default IP: IP will be automatically allocated.

Do you have a TTL cable? You can disassemble the case, use the TTL cable, and check and debug through the serial port.Or burn the Upgrade file under Bootloader.

realized that I was able to connect to it via the default wireless networks it created, but the LAN port wasn’t connecting the computer to the network. :stuck_out_tongue:

got wireless networks all set up, along with the new modem. so I have internet via wifi, but the LAN ports still aren’t working even tho they’re attached to the bridge device that my primary wireless network is also attached to. I’m new to openwrt, not yet sure what I need to do to get the LAN ports working.

You can upgrade it on the web page to see if it solves the problem.

I’m already using the latest version.

When I connect a computer to a LAN port the corresponding light blinks slowly. So I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

Can you provide some pictures or logs?