Every once in a while at the beginning of the boot process of my BPI-W2 from an SD Card the boot process will hang at the following error:

can switch to 1.8V = 0x00000001
Command 0x0000000B
Time Out 
CMD11 fail !!!!!

I’m trying to figure out how to make the boot and initialization of the SD card more reliable. This issue appears to happen before the boot procedure gets to U-Boot. It looks like it may be part of the Banana Pi BPI-W2(SPI ROM:20180907) boot process that sees if an sd card is detected, then calls the function bootcode_from_sdcard.

Is possible to get the code that runs on the BPI-W2 SPI ROM to try to address this timeout issue, and how does the BPI-W2 SPI Rom get updated afterwards?

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