BPI-W2 Read only file system

Hi, I got my BPI W2 with preloaded Ubuntu (kernel 4.9)

First of all my eth1 it’s not working (only eth0), and it’s not showing in the “ip link show” or “nmcli device status”

I tried to make some changes in configuration but I get “Unable to create directory /root/.local/share/nano/: Read-only file system”. Basically I cannot make any changes.

I’m working with root account (root/bananapi)

Can someone help me?

Best regards!

Please check if the /rootfs is in rw mode inside fstab.

If that helps.

for readonly rootfs show us output of following commands

cat /etc/fstab
blkid #as root

I had an image where uuid for rootfs was wrong in fstab resulting in ro rootfs

for eth1: is it shown in “ip a”? Anyhing ethernet-related in dmesg?