BPI-W2 new image: Ubuntu 20.04 Linux

BPI-W2 new image: Ubuntu 20.04 Linux

BPI-W2 Ubuntu 20.04 Mate desktop image:

https://pan.baidu.com/s/15hw2MTjoCZEEkk0eSf0T7g Pincode: t2us

BPI-W2 Ubuntu 20.04 Server image:

https://pan.baidu.com/s/10XGFX4m9xQp6noo4uzb-dA Pincode: hxbt


what’s the password for the root user on the ubuntu server image for bpi w2?

The desktop version runs very slowly. You can’t even browse the youtube website because everything is so slow. desktop usage wasn’t smooth too so i wanted to try the ubuntu server image. maybe it runs better since I don’t need a desktop.

you can try : pi bananapi

pi:bananapi is also wrong. via serial/UART is it possible change the root password?

i have some ch340g chips left to solder an usb to serial adapter

And can you release the source code of the ubuntu ports? it would greatly help. my goal is it to get armbian running on it

I just tried it and it seems to fail to see the cable connected:

[email protected]:/home/pi# mii-tool eth0
eth0: no link

It was an hardware issue apparently, the replacement board seem to see and use the first eth just fine.