BPI-W2 new image: Centos-7-demo-aarch64-bpi-w2-sd-emmc 2019-12-2

BPI-W2 new image: Centos-7-lite-demo-aarch64-bpi-w2-sd-emmc 2019-12-2

BPI-W2 : Banana Pi BPI-W2 runs centos 7 with KDE Plasma desktop

image download:

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Thanks so much , this image (Centos-7-lite-demo-aarch64-bpi-w2-sd-emmc 2019-12-2) work fine for me include netfilter and bridge interface but I have problem with 2nd interface , only eth0 work on it . how Can I enable 2nd enternet ? ifup eth1 up and ifconfig eth1 up not working . awaiting for your response

this is kernel issue if I am not mistaken. eth1 on bpi-w2 is not working on 4.9.119 no matter if you run ubuntu or rasbian or debian or centos …

This must be drivers for external PHY chip or whatever, that are not working in this new kenel. both interfaces worked on kernel 4.4 in 2018 but then HDMI was bugged (black or green screen only) and there was no BSP released yet.

If i am not mistaken they grant access to 4.4 sources on request, but it is something for devs as it is not documented or something - that is why no access for general public.

where can we get Centos Image with kernel 4.4? I don;t need HDMI as out put , serial console is enough for me
But I need Bridge and netfilter moduele on Centos too , P.S : bpi-team can you upload centos image with kernel 4.4 that support netfilter and bridge ? I want to use this board ad 4G router my 4G module work fine as /dev/ttyUSB2 interface but

another question : i would like to enable GPIO pings also enable i2c pins for LCD display , but kernel not supported , how can you help me to enable i2c protocl on this centos image ? i want to use oled 128*32 blue LCD for status of my routerboard

I do join the [omid1979] concerns. The whole sens is lost of building new images if both ethX ports are not brought up. I saw a repository, which forked from the 4.4 kernel and claims having fixed the 2nd ethernet driver :

Has anybody achieved getting both ethX run with the above repository build?

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long time to update
any new image that support SPI , GPIO and the 2nd ethernet for this board ?

how can i enable spi interface for this centos kernel image ? I would like to connect OLED display to banana-pi and display informaiton on it but I can’t any one can help me ?